Altmühltaler Kalksteine e.V.

Surfaces of Jura Limestone

In order to guarantee an optimal appearance, the stone is specifically processed by qualified workers to fit the need of its use. Whether for facades or flooring the special workmanship regarding colors, texture, and structures gives the stone a unique appearance. Jura limestone can be polished mechanically and is ideally suitable for honing. These methods of processing provide for color enhancement. The rougher the grain, the more the stones lose in tone intensity and will, therefore, appear lighter.

It should be noted that the colors and structures that appear on your monitor are depending on your computer's graphic software. Therefore, it can only give an approximation of the natural stone's true appearance.

Additionally, being a product of nature, the stone varies in color, texture and structure. The following examples serve to give an idea of its many appearances.

jm_gelb_poliert.jpgyellow polished
jm_gelb_feingeschliffen.jpgyellowish, finely honed
jurarotbunt_geschl.jpgred/brown, honed
jm_gelb_gechl_getrommelt.jpggelb gechliffen u. getrommelt
jm_neptun_gelb_gebr_kanten.jpggelb geschliffen u. gebürstet m. gebrochenen Kanten
jm_gelb_sandgestrahlt.jpgyellowish, sandblasted
jm_venus_sandgestr_gelb.jpgyellowish, sandblasted and brushed
jm_gelb_sandgestrahlt_gebuerstet.jpgyellowish, brushed
jm_blaugrau_gestockt_gebuerstet.jpggrey/blue, bushhammered & brushed
jm_uranus_gelb_gebr_kanten.jpgyellowish, bushhammered and brushed, rough edged
jm_gelb_gestockt.jpgyellowish, bushhammered
jm_pluto_blaugrau_gestockt.jpggrey/blue bushhammered
jm_diamant_gelb_kratzschliff.jpggelb Diamant Kratzschliff
jm_gelb_gleitschliff.jpggelb Gleitschliff, gerüttelt
jm_gelb_antik.jpggelb antik (angesäuert/imprägniert)
jm_gelb_geriffelt.jpgyellowish, rippled
jm_orion_jura_gratiniert.jpgyellowish, gratine
juragelb_scharriert.jpgyellowish, striated
jura_diagonal_scharriert_bi.jpgyellowish, striated