Altmühltaler Kalksteine e.V.

Technical Information about Jura Limestone

Special Characteristics:

Slabs of Jura Limestone are interspersed with  fossilized elements  stemming from plant and marine animal  life forms. The amount of fossils found on each slab is dependent on the depth of its excavation. Additionally, the stone glass veins made up of quartzite. These calcites are a natural part of the stones geological formation and are, therefore, an inseparable component within the stone.


All technical data listed on this page are considered as average values.  Deviation from the given norm is possible. BTI structural regulations of the Deutschen Naturwerkstein-Verband (German Natural Stone Association) apply

yellowish (beige), yellow vein cut, grey/blue, grey/yellow mixed color, red/brown, nut-brown
Free length, rectangle with side length of up to 100 cm, window sills up to 300 cm length
diamond-sawn, honed, polished, striated, bush-hammered, sand-blasted, rippled, antique finish
10 mm/15 mm/20 mm/30 mm/40 mm/50 mm and thicker
In accordance with DIN 18332 and DIN EN 1469, EN 12057 and EN 12058 even on floors with water heating systems or electrical floor heating systems. Floors are to be set according to laying instructions of Altmühltaler Kalksteine e.V.
Maintenance and care Instructions
Water with wax free and non-acidic detergents. Care instructions according to Altmühltaler Kalksteine e.V. apply.
Heat Conductivity
(ƛ)=2.3 W/m x k
Water Absorption
approx. 1.8% (based on mass)
approx. 2.5 g/m³
Compressive strength
approx. 125 MPa
Flexural Strength
approx. 11.5 N/mm²
Abrasion Resistance according to DIN EN 14157/B (as defined by Böhme)
approx. 17.7 cm³/50 cm²
Abrasion Resistance according to DIN EN 14157 (as defined by Capon)
19.4 mm - 20.5 mm
Testing for radioactivity (gamma spectrometric measurement) performed by the LGA Nürnberg showed the radioactive values for M 5921 104B Jura limestone yellow and M 5921 104 C Jura limestone grey/blue of 16 April 2002: a value of 19Bq/kg to 15 Bq/kg and <5.5Bq/kg to <5.1Bq7kg to be considerably under the test values stated in the table 64 (BMU, 1987 <37>) for building materials.